QuizTarget AI Review: World’s First AI-Powered Quiz, Survey, and Poll Builder With Interactive Video and Lead Generation Technology

QuizTarget AI Review

Hello Guy’s! It’s great that you’re here for my honest QuizTarget AI Review page. You are right where you need to be if you’re looking for complete details on this newly launched Software.

In today’s cutthroat corporate environment, there is no time to mince words. You’re here because you are aware of how crucial a steady stream of brand-new leads is to any company’s success. Unbelievably, according to recent marketing data, 63% of marketers and businesses view getting new leads as their main difficulty.

The failure of 79% of these generated leads to actually result in sales is more worrisome. It’s common to credit poor product pitching as the main cause of this depressing figure. You need not worry, though, since I’m here to help you get through this obstacle and guarantee a steady flow of leads that become customers.

Let me introduce you to QuizTarget, a revolutionary lead generation quiz builder app that is changing the way companies create leads. In-depth discussion of the features and capabilities of this outstanding product, as well as how it may help you accomplish your lead generation and conversion objectives, will be provided in this thorough QuizTarget review.

Without wasting any more time, let’s find out exactly what this QuizTarget AI is.

Be aware that if you decide not to take action, there may be opportunities lost. Read our comprehensive review of QuizTarget AI to learn more about this once-in-a-lifetime chance!

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QuizTarget AI Review: [Complete Product Overview]

CreatorHarshal Vishal
ProductQuizTarget AI 
Launch Date04 Jun 2023
Launch Time11:00 EDT
Official websiteCLICK HERE (Get The Best Discount Offer)
Front-End Price$17-$27
SkillAll Levels
Guarantee14-Days Money Back Guarantee
NicheQuiz Builder
SupportЕffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
RecommendHighly recommend!

The creator’s name, the product’s release date, and the frontEnd price details are all discussed in the whole overview of QuizTarget AI Review that is presented above.

QuizTarget AI Review: What is QuizTarget AI?

According to a recent marketing study, more than 63% of marketers and business owners report having trouble attracting new clientele.

In today’s digital environment, traditional lead generation methods are no longer relevant and efficient. It is now very tough to engage users on social media platforms or websites because the average user attention span is shorter than 10 seconds.

Modern customers don’t have the time or desire to complete tedious subscription forms, opt-in forms, contact forms, or even webinar registration forms. There is, however, a fix for this issue. By implementing interactive and engaging content formats, such as video quizzes, surveys, and polls, you may increase audience engagement and overcome these problems.

Major companies like Amazon, BuzzFeed, Neil Patel, and many others have already realised the potential of these strategies and are producing thousands of leads per day.

With the aid of QuizTarget Ai, you can now take advantage of the lead-generating capabilities of video quizzes, surveys, and polls. You can produce compelling content that generates leads for your company in just 60 seconds.

With the help of QuizTarget, a cutting-edge tool created for the present day, you can quickly and easily create dynamic, interactive quizzes with logic branching for any niche. Additionally, it includes a variety of quiz campaigns that have already been created, saving you time and money that would otherwise be spent on other lead-generation tools.

You can easily reach your target audience by publishing interesting quizzes, surveys, and polls on your website or social media platforms using QuizTarget Ai.

You may anticipate impressive results when your first lead-generating quiz campaign goes online, including a staggering 78% increase in leads and revenues. The most sophisticated quiz maker on the market, QuizTarget, has completely changed lead generation. It offers a simple and economical method for generating leads, conversions, and sales.

QuizTarget offers unmatched versatility thanks to its impressive array of features, which include a dynamic quiz builder with logic branching, the capacity to create unique audience funnels for re-targeting, a mindmap designer for planning and visualising quiz flows, and a simple drag-and-drop editor.

Additionally, QuizTarget enables you to construct numerous lead-generation or viral questions, utilise handy features like auto-scheduling, and convert any video into a potent video quiz.

You may access a sizable pool of laser-targeted viral traffic that is eager to make a purchase from you by sharing high-converting quizzes, polls, and surveys with the click of a button. Additionally, you can get useful metrics for your quizzes, which will help you quickly increase your income.

It’s vital to note that QuizTarget functions well in any niche, making it appropriate for companies in a variety of sectors. It has already undergone extensive testing and has shown outstanding outcomes for local businesses, enabling them to produce hundreds of leads per month without spending a penny.

QuizTarget offers you the ideal option if you want to make monthly income and help the local companies in your community flourish. Please continue reading our QuizTarget review to learn more about the astonishing tool’s enormous power and possibilities.

The most effective but least used viral content online today is a quiz, and QuizTarget enables you to use that viral potential for both lead generation and sales funnels. QuizTarget, developed by web marketers for marketing funnels, is revolutionary.

QuizTarget AI Review

QuizTarget AI Review: Key Features

Here are some quick tips for using QuizTarget to maximise your profits:

Simple Affiliate Payouts
To create a highly engaged list in any niche and present targeted affiliate offers based on participant responses, share your quiz on social media networks.

Start Your Online Lead Generation Biz
Assist may make quick money for only a few minutes of your time by helping business owners grow their lists more quickly and affordably.

Sell Hottest Leads
Utilise social media or your lead generation website to gather targeted leads that you can regularly offer to business owners.

Introduce Your Products
For your next product launch, build a list of highly engaged customers. Watch as people pass your quiz along, creating free viral publicity for your launch.

Easy Advertising Revenue Collection
Make the most of the possibilities of paid advertisements on your quiz pages to generate income even if you don’t have any items to sell. For added income, you can also include affiliate offers.

Designer of Mind Map Quiz
By dragging and dropping items, you can plan and visualise your quiz flow sequence. For convenient access and quiz map storage, the cloud is perfect for client work.

Create unique forms
Design eye-catching opt-in forms that collect crucial data from your leads. To increase ROI and hasten list growth, customise the layout, style, and CTAs and add photos, frames, or colours.

Insert Your Logo
By simply adding your logo to any quiz template, you can brand it and improve your professional image.

Drag-and-Drop a quiz creator
Create interesting quizzes by adding backdrops, pictures, movies, frames, borders, and more from the vast graphics library. With no coding needed, it’s ideal for non-techies.

Dynamic Test Creator
You can gather leads at any point during the quiz, allowing you to get email addresses even from people who don’t finish it. You can request email addresses before the quiz even begins, during the quiz, or after a specific question to decrease friction and boost conversions.

Tracking Progress Bar
Maintain participant interest with a progress bar, which has been shown to increase quiz completion rates. To draw attention and encourage interaction, alter the bar’s look, dimensions, and other features.

Unusual Points-Based System
Give points for right answers, with high points earning incentives and poor points earning training materials. This system rewards quiz takers, elevating their self-worth and boosting participation.

Strong polls
By designing text, image, or video polls, you can gather insightful market research. By entering their email address, users can view poll results, increasing participation and aiding in the data collection process.

Uncomplicated quiz embedding
Copy and paste a single line of produced code to easily upload your quiz to any website. QuizTarget is compatible with any website and site builder and may be used as a time delay pop-up, scroll bar, exit pop-up or lightbox.

Redirect URL
Depending on their quiz answers, send participants to various URLs, such as your website, a sales page, an affiliate offer, and more. Make the material more relevant to increase sales and conversions.

Timer feature
Using a variety of timer layouts and styles, you may engender a sense of urgency and encourage quiz takers to finish the test.

Lead Generation Compliant with GDPR
With a built-in checkbox, you can safely collect leads while ensuring GDPR compliance, increasing engagement and opt-ins.

Multiple Streams of Income
As people interact with your quiz, employ YouTube views, affiliate offers, or your own products to create extra income.

Potential For Viral
To help your quiz go viral, encourage participants to post their scores on social media. Share quiz results in general on your social media channels to greatly enhance traffic.

Strong Reporting
Download in-depth analyses of CTA clicks, visits, drop-off rates, completion rates, and the efficiency of various quiz flows in Excel or CSV format. Create marketing resources like decks and case studies and optimise your quiz campaign. A necessary tool for businesses and independent contractors dealing with clients.

An organised and friendly dashboard
Access all of your campaigns, keep an eye on how they’re doing, look at leads, and easily obtain performance reports. You can keep informed and save time thanks to the user-friendly interface, which guarantees an effortless experience.

Personalising Your Brand
By including your brand logo in the quiz, you may enhance your brand identification as your target audience interacts with it.

QuizTarget AI Review

QuizTarget AI Review: Personal Experience How QuizTarget AI Work?

Although additional functionalities require a higher-tier membership, QuizTarget has a wide range of features. The website offers more than 230 survey templates that are simply organised by needs.

With novices in mind, these templates make sure that questions and answers are structured to minimise common biases while permitting customisation.

QuizTarget prioritises own templates above those of other survey programmes, including support for quizzes that it automatically grades. The website additionally provides a thorough five-step methodology for survey creation, testing, deployment, and result analysis, acting as a strong model for future survey apps.

With 14 common question kinds, QuizTarget covers all the fundamentals and makes use of artificial intelligence to automatically classify question types based on their language.

QuizTarget makes it easier to enter answer choices by offering a collection of roughly 30 canned options in a handy pop-up menu. The use of some “certified templates” and the capacity to change the survey questions, however, call for a paid tier subscription.

While the programme promotes the use of templates and asks users to choose one before beginning a new survey, it also gives users the option to forego templates and start surveys from scratch or switch templates while the survey is still being designed.

QuizTarget provides a wide range of alternatives with 13 different question formats, including multiple-choice, rating scales, interactive sliders, hierarchical drop-down menus, and image-based questions. It is significant to note that an Advantage plan or higher is necessary in order to permit respondents to submit files to surveys.

As an alternative, the software uses artificial intelligence to identify the question type from the substance of the inquiry. Despite their seeming insignificance, these characteristics considerably speed up the design process for lengthy surveys.

After developing a question, QuizTarget provides advanced designers with a wide range of possibilities. Individual answer choices can be formatted completely by the user, which is a feature that is uncommon in other form builders.

QuizTarget also offers strong logic functions, enabling conditional question showing or concealing based on a respondent’s prior responses, even taking into account multiple prior responses.

Based on their responses, QuizTarget’s logic capabilities enable sending survey participants to several redirect pages at the end of the process. For quizzes, the programme automatically evaluates responses, including those for short answer questions, and provides the option of showing or hiding participant results.

The data reporting capabilities offered by QuizTarget are equally outstanding, giving users a wide range of customization options for chart displays. Users can quickly browse through free-form answers by key words and explore the results by concentrating on particular topics or respondents who provided answers in particular ways.

While exporting raw data is straightforward, QuizTarget’s built-in capability often eliminates the need to leave the platform for analysis. Users can easily export data to Excel or CSV formats, while Advantage and Premium users also have the ability to export data to SPSS.

The dashboard of QuizTarget’s user interface is remarkably user-friendly and walks users through a five-step procedure for creating, distributing, and analysing surveys. Because all design possibilities are gathered in one place within the software, this organisation simplifies the editing process.

For new form builders, QuizTarget’s preview feature is especially useful. It generates a score showing the likelihood of users completing the questions and forecasts the estimated survey length.

Although QuizTarget’s surveys are made to work on mobile devices, the platform only provides a limited amount of assistance for developing forms on mobile devices. However, it offers the practical choice of sending surveys via SMS messages, especially serving users of mobile devices.

In keeping with its user-friendly philosophy, QuizTarget’s Answer Reporting page provides simple alternatives. The “Filter by Question” function avoids the need for intricate crosstabs to analyse how respondents’ answers connect to one another, and users gain from a useful data trends report.

Users can also filter open-ended responses based on specified words. All survey charts can have different chart types applied to them with a single click. Additionally, QuizTarget makes attribute tweaks, including decimal place alterations, which might be laborious in other survey platforms, simple.

QuizTarget AI Review

QuizTarget AI Review: Discount Coupons, OTOs And Pricing Options, Free Bonuses

For a little while, choose one of the options below to purchase QuizTarget at an early bird discount price. Let’s choose the solutions that are the best for you before this limited time deal expires!

QUIZTARGET” (Gives $3 OFF throughout the funnel)

Front-End: QuizTarget AI Basic & Commercial ($17-20)

Create lead & traffic generation quizzes with the world’s most powerful and affordable quiz builder. Start with DFY campaigns or from scratch. Access 10+ themes, comes with the easy-to-use quiz mindmap designer which helps in visualizing quiz flow from a birds-eye view to plan user journeys. Plus, loaded with tons of quiz engagement booster elements like videos, images, gifs, emojis, and much more.

Plus, features like multiple quiz formats (multiple choice questions, true or false, open-ended, fill in the blank, etc.) millions of assets are available with integrations such as Pixels, Pixabay, YouZign, and more. Add any video to quizzes from any source such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Amazon S3, and more… Users also get Commercial Rights let users sell lead gen quiz campaigns to their customers.

OTO 1#: QuizTarget Pro & Pro-lite ($37-27)

PRO edition of QuizTarget. Create unlimited Quiz Campaigns, Unlimited Website License packs, and Unlimited Lead Collection.

Plus it includes additional features like adding Music to your Quiz Templates, A/B Testing, Auto-Scheduling, Adding Facebook & Google Tracking Codes, Building a Custom Audience Bucket, Zapier Integration, and much more. It’s also laced with value-added bonuses like Leadlock Pro, My Convert Lab, and Sticky CTA Button Suite.

This upgrade and these exclusive bonuses will help your subscribers get more leads and conversions.

Under the QuizTarget Pro-lite pack users will get fewer features and they won’t get above mentioned bonuses. It comes with 100 campaign creations and only 10 additional templates – best for those who can manage their show with less! 

OTO 2#: QuizTarget Agency Pro & Pro-lite ($47-37)

Users can offer Lead Generation and Quiz Maker services to their clients using QuizTarget Agency License. Users will get a 100% Done-For-You Agency Business setup, which includes DFY Website with Paypal checkout, DFY Website Setup, Facebook and Google Ads Suite, Email Swipes, and many other items worth $8,747. Users will also get access to amazing QuizTarget Agency features like Team Member Access, Unlimited Client Logins, Share Quiz Funnels and Campaigns, and many other powerful features. They will also get our secret Lead Finder Tool and Client Appointment Scheduling App

Whereas under QuizTarget Agency Pro-lite pack users will get lesser features. It does not include Done-For-You Agency Business Setup items. It is suitable for those who can manage their agency business with fewer features.  

OTO 3#: QuizTarget Pro Reseller & Pro-lite Reseller License ($127-97)

Users will get QuizTarget Reseller License rights. It’s their chance to make money and make 100% profit by reselling QuizTarget. They get to keep 100% of every sale they make. The quizTarget team will provide all the support needed for reselling QuizTarget. We’ll even manage their customer support. We’ll provide all the promotional material such as sales pages, sales videos, email swipes, banners, etc. to help them promote and sell QuizTarget. We are offering 2 pricing plans, Pro & Pro-lite.  Under the Pro license, users will get to sell unlimited QuizTarget accounts and keep 100% of each sell they bring. Under the Pro-lite license, users will get to sell only 200 QuizTarget accounts. 

OTO 4#: QuizTarget DFY Club ($27)

Get access to a thorough training programme that will enable you to make the most of ChatGPT A.I. and QuizTarget A.I. to generate significant leads and revenues. This comprehensive training course will show you how to use QuizTarget A.I. efficiently and provide you tips on how to draw in targeted visitors to your tests.

The training materials will be routinely updated to give you access to the most recent methods and procedures. You can review the training whenever it’s most convenient for you, improving your ability to take full advantage of QuizTarget A.I.

OTO 5#: Masterclass ($97)

Profit from our most recent offering of four carefully created campaigns that are intended to quickly expand your email list and turn quiz participants into worthwhile clients. Four new quiz campaigns will be easily linked into your dashboard each month, giving you the opportunity to:

  • Spend less time coming up with new questions and campaign concepts.
  • Launch new quiz campaigns quickly and easily because we’ve done all the prep work.
  • Try out various campaigns to see which ones result in the fastest list expansion.
  • Utilise unexploited chances that could result in big income.
QuizTarget AI Review

QuizTarget AI Review: About Creator

Harshal Jadhav, the CEO and Founder of Rack Infotech Pvt. Ltd, a well-known SAAS business specialising in online marketing, created QuizTarget. He worked along with Vishal Kangane, his business partner and the founder of the eminent marketing firm VMavericks.

With more than 20 years of combined expertise, these marketing experts have performed multiple six-figure product launches with success and reached key marketing milestones. Their notable goods are StopMotionSuite and Video Game Suite.

QuizTarget AI Review

QuizTarget AI Review: PROs & CONs


  • Versatile quiz creation: Quickly and easily create a variety of quizzes.
  • Access tested quiz template examples that increase subscriptions, leads, and sales with done-for-you designs.
  • Customising quizzes with graphics, movies, and other media will increase interest.
  • Strategically organise quiz flow using the intuitive mindmap creator for the best conversion rates.
  • Timers, CTAs, transitions, sound, stickers, emojis, GIFs, and other engagement boosters can be added to quizzes to increase participation.
  • Increase engagement by including video questions in your video quiz builder.
  • Unlimited Support: Take advantage of dependable technology and helpful customer service.
  • Receive step-by-step training on creating effective tests that produce leads and sales.
  • Effective Lead Management: Access detailed reports from a user-friendly dashboard and handle leads efficiently.
  • Commercial Licence: Possibility to offer quiz services to an infinite number of customers.


  • Learning curve: It could take some time for users to become accustomed to all the features and functionalities.
  • Dependence on Internet Connection: QuizTarget is an online tool, so for maximum functioning, an uninterrupted internet connection is required.

Thoughts About the QuizTarget AI Review

I value your time spent reading my review. I hope I gave you enough details to dispel any concerns you might have had about purchasing this outstanding product. In light of that, it is ultimately your decision. Wishing you the best of luck and I’ll see you in my future review!

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QuizTarget AI Review

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