VideoXQ AI Review: Explainer videos are produced by an AI app using keywords

VideoXQ AI Review

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Isometric animated explainer films have excelled all other marketing channels for boosting conversions. Boost Your Lead Generation and Sales Effortlessly Across Industries.

The difficult and drawn-out process of producing top-notch ISO-animated videos, however, is a considerable obstacle to be surmounted. You may experience the following difficulties:

  • The creation of excellent animated videos necessitates a high level of competence and a steep learning curve, especially when using the ISO animation style.
  • Premium explainer video outsourcing costs have risen excessively, making it less practical for many firms.
  • The majority of animated video software lacks sophisticated timeline editing features, which constricts creative options.
  • The majority of A.I. technologies fall short of producing effective VSL (Video Sales Letter) scripts that captivate and keep people watching.
  • The dearth of animated scenes and pre-made templates in conventional desktop video editors forces users to start from scratch.

Thankfully, a fix has been found. Entering a keyword and letting our cutting-edge A.I. Assistant create appealing explainer movies with award-winning animations customised to your particular needs is a simpler method to get beyond these challenges.

We will delve into the inner features of this incredible product in this in-depth VideoXQ-AI review. Learn how it may transform your video marketing strategies and give you the power to mesmerise your audience like never before.

Without wasting any more time, let’s find out exactly what this VideoXQ AI is.

Be aware that if you decide not to take action, there may be opportunities lost. Read our comprehensive review of VideoXQ AI to learn more about this once-in-a-lifetime chance!

I’ll give you a thorough explanation of the software in the following section of VideoXQ AI. Access My $46,000 Valued Premium Bonus for Free!

VideoXQ AI Review: [Complete Product Overview]

CreatorBen Murray
ProductVideoXQ AI
Launch Date24 May 2023
Launch Time11:00 EDT
Official websiteCLICK HERE (Get The Best Discount Offer)
Front-End Price$47
SkillAll Levels
Guarantee30-Days Money Back Guarantee
NicheVideo Marketing
SupportЕffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
RecommendHighly recommend!

The creator’s name, the product’s release date, and the frontEnd price details are all discussed in the whole overview of VideoXQ AI Review that is presented above.

VideoXQ AI Review: What is VideoXQ AI?

The most effective and conversion-oriented marketing technique available today is explainer animation videos. These kinds of high-quality videos are nevertheless time-consuming and expensive to produce.

Fortunately, a ground-breaking AI-powered programme has just been released that can produce superb explainer animation movies with only the simplest input of phrases, outperforming even the best video production companies.

Regardless of your level of experience, the cloud-based software VideoXQ-AI uses artificial intelligence to create fully configurable, high-quality explainer animation movies with ease.

These movies may be readily customised to your needs because to their user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, engaging isometric animations, AI-generated high-retention scripts, AI voiceovers, and other features.

The commercial applications are specifically catered to by VideoXQ-AI, which also makes it easy to create fully configurable animation movies with ISO-animations, the most appealing type of animation.

Three main video assets and styles are available on the platform: whiteboard, business, and contemporary. You can easily create succinct instructional videos, compelling advertisements, and useful training materials with the help of this flexible tool.

The platform contains the typical property tabs, canvas, timeline, and asset library. The production of highly customised, reusable character assets is made possible by the inclusion of a special character builder. With no prior expertise necessary, VideoXQ-AI takes care of everything for you—from creating voiceovers to crafting engaging screenplays.

Here are a handful of VideoXQ-AI’s most important characteristics:

  • AI Script Writing for Videos Utilise artificial intelligence to create high-retention video scripts for various types of videos.
  • Large-Scale Animation ImageScape Library To enrich your films with a single click, access a vast library of fully animated professional scenes from a variety of markets.
  • Timeline Editor with Drag and Drop Utilise cutting-edge timeline technology to completely customise your videos, making it simple to layer clips, audio, and pictures.
  • Realistic AI Voiceovers Add lifelike voiceovers that read your AI-generated video scripts to your videos to make them more engaging.
  • The large selection of DFY video templates You may personalise and market a variety of pre-made animated explainer movies.
  • Multiple Options for Customization Instantly add text, animated emojis, animated characters, animated scenes, stock video clips, and more to your films.
  • Cloud Storage and Quick HD Rendering By rendering and storing your HD videos on the cloud, you may avoid using up too much hard drive space.
  • Make a Tonne of Videos for All Your Needs Produce films with a variety of dimensions that may be used for social media, affiliate marketing, regional marketing, and direct response.
  • Upload files and record voiceovers. Add audio and video files without a hitch, or record voiceovers to further customise your creations.
  • Transitions and animations that are striking To improve the visual appeal of your videos, use a vast selection of eye-catching transitions and background ISO animations.
  • Commercial Permit Give yourself the ability to compete with top agencies in terms of quality by selling distinctive explainer animation movies at any chosen pricing range.

Modern AI technology combined with a large animation library allows users of all skill levels to develop explainer animation movies that are on par with those made by expensive video production companies. This is made possible by VideoXQ-AI.

Finally, there is a level playing field in the world of video production. With the ability to create videos for any platform and requirement, you can now engage in video marketing on par with major businesses.

The constantly evolving AI technology built into VideoXQ-AI further improves isometric explainer videos, which are recognised for their capacity to increase conversions.

Establishing a video agency with the Commercial Licence will enable you to outperform industry experts and future-proof your company.

To see this incredible tool’s true power and potential, read the parts after this one in this VideoXQ-AI Review.

VideoXQ AI Review

VideoXQ AI Review: Key Features

When compared to competing applications, VideoXQ-AI offers a wide range of exceptional features:

Advanced AI Copyrighting for Videos
For the first time, use cutting-edge AI technology to quickly and easily write video scripts for various types of films. The skills of VideoXQ-AI surpass those of the best copywriters, whether you need lengthy video sales letters or shorter, more compelling films.

An extensive library of animation scenes
Get access to thousands of well made animated sequences that can be easily inserted into your videos. As VideoXQ-AI offers a huge and growing library of premium ISO animated image scenes, you may say goodbye to pricey animation companies, professionals, and tools.

Timeline Editor with Drag & Drop and Layering
The user-friendly drag-and-drop multi-timeline editor gives you total control over how your video is customised. It is simple to add or remove elements, change the duration of complete videos, and combine layers. No of your level of skill, it’s a simple process that everyone can complete. There are countless ways to be creative.

Professional DFY Video Templates
Choose from a wide selection of well made video themes that are suited to the hottest markets. The eye-catching ISO-animated scenes that are pre-loaded in these templates can be easily modified, used, or even sold. For simple duplication and monetization, the templates also include pre-made voiceovers, animations, and transitions.

Realistic AI Voiceovers for Text-to-Speech
The most up-to-date text-to-speech technology is used by VideoXQ-AI to convert your screenplay into remarkably lifelike voiceovers for your videos. Be prepared to be astounded by their voices’ lifelike quality, which surpasses that of independent voice actors.

Simple Customization with Lots of Resources
With a few quick clicks, you can easily enhance your movies by adding text, emojis, different fonts, animated scenes, animated characters, effects, video clips, and more. To create outstanding visual compositions, there is no need for prior training or specialised talents.

Animations and Transitions That Pop
Utilise the large selection of intriguing animations and transitions available to make your films aesthetically appealing and keep people interested. With just one click, you can quickly add entry or exit transitions to any element in your videos.

Background animation and video effects
You may easily add colour, video, or picture backgrounds to your videos. Alternately, pick from a library of animated backdrops that is already incorporated into the programme to have a look that is on par with that of top-tier businesses in the sector.

Making subtitles for social media
By manually adding text to each portion of your video or quickly implementing subtitles, you can raise click-through rates and engagement. This functionality is very helpful for video advertisements, including high-converting ad campaigns combined with image advertisements.

Import images and video clips
Import your clips or photos into your videos in a matter of seconds. To utilise them often and conveniently, upload them to the cloud library.

Cloud Storage and Quick HD Rendering
Render your HD videos quickly on the cloud to save time while keeping your machine running smoothly. Your videos will be prepared for usage in a matter of minutes. You may also instantly save your videos to the cloud, doing away with the need for a lot of desktop space or external hard drives.

Create Hundreds of Videos At Once for Any Platform and Use
The combination of AI technology and the animation scene library in VideoXQ-AI enables you to quickly create a wide variety of movies for use on all major social networks and for important purposes. VideoXQ-AI meets all needs, whether they are for business purposes, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, local marketing, or direct response campaigns.

Included are Commercial Rights
Profit from the chance to offer explainer animation videos to businesses. You are given the commercial rights by VideoXQ-AI to start your own video agency company with services that are superior to those of established firms.

Upload audio files and record your voiceover
Use voiceovers that have already been recorded by putting them directly into the programme. Alternatively, you can easily produce voiceovers by using the built-in voice recording option.

Background-removal technology plus GreenScreen
Your movies can be seamlessly integrated with any chosen backdrop by removing picture backgrounds, including greenscreen backgrounds, with just a single click.

Large-scale Video Asset Creation Library
Add gorgeous stock footage and pictures from a sizable built-in library to enhance your videos. Enter a term, and thousands of high-quality videos will appear.

Characters in Animation
Choose from a variety of animated characters, each with different poses and stances. Create compelling animated character explainer films by simply including these characters into your videos. There is a perfect alternative for practically every setting imaginable thanks to the broad selection of poses and styles.

VideoXQ AI Review

VideoXQ AI Review: How VideoXQ AI Works?

With the help of the amazing tool ideoXQ-AI, users may easily make fascinating animated videos. The platform’s robust capabilities allow you to quickly create a flawless story even if you have no prior experience with animation. Let’s examine VideoXQ-AI’s operation and how it might assist you in producing outstanding videos.

Video Templates: A Delight for Beginners

With its extensive library of well created video templates, VideoXQ-AI has you covered if you’re new to animation and unsure of where to start. Making entertaining films is simple because to the pre-loaded text, animations, characters, and motion in these templates.

The templates can be customised to meet your unique objectives or used as-is. In order to accommodate varied preferences, VideoXQ-AI offers a variety of template styles, including whiteboard films, contemporary, business-friendly, common craft, and mixed.

You can narrow down your search for templates by style, category, and job role to make it easier to identify the best solutions for your project.

Video Templates: A Delight for Beginners

With its extensive library of well created video templates, VideoXQ-AI has you covered if you’re new to animation and unsure of where to start. Making entertaining films is simple because to the pre-loaded text, animations, characters, and motion in these templates.

The templates can be customised to meet your unique objectives or used as-is. In order to accommodate varied preferences, VideoXQ-AI offers a variety of template styles, including whiteboard films, contemporary, business-friendly, common craft, and mixed.

You can narrow down your search for templates by style, category, and job role to make it easier to identify the best solutions for your project.

Efficient schedule: Streamlining the process

Users of VideoXQ-AI are given access to an effective timeline that makes it easier to edit videos, add transitions, place components, and apply effects.

All of the scenes and components in your video are represented visually on the timeline, making administration and alignment simple.

The timeline allows you to alter audio tracks, giving you total control over the audio in your video. The + and – buttons make it simple to zoom in and out and guarantee accurate adjustments.

The assets and effects utilised are all displayed in a handy drop-down menu when you click on a scene, making it possible to manage scenes without doing a lot of clicking.

Use Your Imagination To Create Characters

By providing a strong character builder, VideoXQ-AI goes above the restrictions of a predefined character library. The character maker lets you create a completely unique character that may be used in all of your videos if you can’t find one that perfectly fits your sense of style.

The outcomes are amazing and smooth. With the character builder, you can add unique gestures, facial expressions, clothing, and more, opening you a world of character customization options.

Click the character option on the interface’s left side, select “create a new character,” and then follow the onscreen instructions to use this feature. Choose a style, customise the character, save it to your library, and then add it to your video. View the findings in advance and take in the magic of personalized characters.

Great Multimedia Library plenty Of Choice

The vast media library that VideoXQ-AI offers includes text, animated scenes, characters, props, charts, and background music. With more than 2,000 characters available in contemporary, business, and whiteboard styles, you’ll find the ideal match for your film.

The application also provides a chart library, a feature uncommon in similar programmes that broadens your creative options. With over 10,000 alternatives in numerous categories, including shapes, animals, hand motions, symbols, and effects, the prop collection is remarkable.

With more than 2,000 scenes available for inclusion in your video, VideoXQ-AI has you covered if you prefer pre-animated scenes. With 11 text areas for whiteboard videos and 15 for modern-style videos, text insertion is made simple.

Lip Sync & Voice Over improve Video Depth

VideoXQ-AI offers alternatives for voice-over and lip syncing to improve your videos. Your explainer films can be much improved with a good voice-over, and VideoXQ-AI makes it simple to record voice-overs inside the programme.

Alternately, you can use the text-to-speech function to produce a narrative in a robotic voice. Enter your script into the given box, and VideoXQ-AI will produce a perfect narration for your video.

Furthermore, the automated lip-sync tool makes sure that the characters in your movie match their movements to the additional audio, creating a more realistic and engaging viewing experience.

Over 400 audio tracks from VideoXQ-AI’s extensive library of free music are available to improve your video.

Share & Export Promoting Your Work

VideoXQ-AI provides a number of sharing and exporting options after your video is complete. Sharing is simple thanks to the created link that makes it simple to send your film to others. Sharing the link, though, also gives the recipients access and editing privileges, so keep that in mind.

Furthermore, you can download your video in a variety of formats. The available export choices are determined by the package selected, but often include downloading videos as GIFs or movies.

While movies can be exported in either 720p or 1080p quality, VideoXQ-AI offers four different GIF dimension possibilities. It’s important to note that there is no option to change the fixed 24 frames per second (FPS) output speed.

A Five Step Guide To Animation Video creativity using VideoXQ AI

These five methods can help you produce compelling videos with VideoXQ AI:

  • Outlining, Create a plan for your video that includes details like the objective, character count, type, and length. The process of producing a video is simplified by a clear outline.
  • Writing the script, Use your outline as a guide to create an engaging script. To effectively communicate your message, concentrate on employing metaphors, selecting the narrative style, and emphasising the primary character.
  • Storyboarding: Traditionally, storyboarding entails sketching out important components on paper, but VideoXQ-AI makes it easier by offering ready-to-use components for simple drag-and-drop storyboarding inside the programme.
  • To start animating, either choose a blank canvas or a template from a library. Using the wide variety of video assets that VideoXQ-AI provides, add background, characters, scenes, and text. For a professional finish, add camera effects and background music to your video.
  • Once your video is finished, preview it to see if there are any final touches or modifications that are required. To ensure a smooth workflow, you can also preview your video while it is being created. Download your video or show it to your team to finish showcasing your work.

Users can simply produce engaging animated videos by using VideoXQ-AI to unleash their creativity. You can make your story come to life by utilising its user-friendly interface, vast media library, characters that can be customised, and potent tools like voice-over and lip sync.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned animator, VideoXQ-AI offers a comprehensive set of tools to assist you in producing aesthetically appealing and captivating videos that leave an impression on your audience.

VideoXQ AI Review

VideoXQ AI Review: OTOs And Pricing Options

FrontEnd: VideoXQ-AI Professional ($67)

Includes all the features above with Commercial Rights to sell videos to clients.

FrontEnd: VideoXQ-AI Gold-Lite ($67)

Includes all the features above with Commercial Rights to sell videos to clients.

OTO1: VideoXQ-AI Gold ($97)

This upgraded, more advanced edition of VideoXQ-AI includes the unlimited license and advanced features like…

  • Agency License and Technology – add 25 businesses into VideoXQ-AI for them to manage and preview their videos
  • Unlimited Video Storage
  • Unlimited Video Length
  • Unlimited Video Creation
  • Upload Unlimited Video Length
  • Background Image Remover
  • Green Screen Technology & Remover
  • Background Noise Remover
  • Access to Video Template Library
  • Integrate your DropBox, Amazon S3 and Google Drive to save video projects
  • Voiceover Recorder/AudioEditor with Audio trim, fade in and fade out, pitch normalizer, speed control, background noise remover
  • 2000+ Animation Library/Assets
  • Premium Video Animation Scenes
  • Text Presets

OTO2: VideoXQ-AI Asset Club ($167 /Year or $27 /Month)

Users get access to a membership that gives them access to fresh new video assets monthly to set their video agency apart from everyone else’s Includes 600+ assets like…

  • 10 New Professionally Made Video Templates in niches upvoted for the month
  • 50 New Pre-Made Video Scenes
  • 50 New Video Transitions
  • 50 New Animated Character Poses
  • 50 New Animated Objects
  • 50 New Video Effects
  • 20 New Background Effects
  • 50 New Animated Video Backgrounds
  • 50 New Animated Video Scenes
  • 10 New Title Presets
  • 50 Customizable Static Characters
  • 50 Customizable Static Objects
  • 20 Customizable Static Backgrounds
  • 50 Customizable Static Video Scenes

OTO3: VideoXQ-AI Platinum ($197)

This most advanced edition of VideoXQ-AI allows you to keep clients longer with advanced Enterprise technology, whitelabel the app as your very own so clients don’t buy from us, and far more like…

  • Unlimited Agency Account Creation
  • Whitelabel License – Rebrand the app as your own by removing VideoXQ branding
  • Enterprise Reseller – Resell VideoXQ in this most requested feature
  • Preview Videos for Clients Outside of the app with watermark
  • Enterprise TMA – add team members into your VideoXQ account to outsource it
  • Advanced animation & text effects
  • DFY Agency Website
  • DFY Legal Client Contract to Close Big Tickets
  • DFY Marketing Agency Bundle – includes Fiverr Gig templates, Video agency proposal, YouTube agency presentation, swipes to close clients, and more
  • Bonus Client Finder App

OTO4: VideoXQ-AI 4Brand Special ($67)

4Brand is the quickest and easiest way to create high-end logos and branding materials with cloud-based software. Create stunning branding and graphic materials with millions of combinations. Create logos, cups, mockups, video intros/outros, and more with drag/drop editing.

OTO5: VideoXQ-AI YTSuite Special ($37)

YTSuite is an all-in-one, easy-to-use cloud app that does everything needed to create highly profitable Adwords and YouTube video advertising campaigns for local businesses in a click. Start getting leads and sales fast with your VideoXQ-AI videos and YTSuite immediately.

This groundbreaking app comes with agency rights, allowing you to run a YouTube advertising agency for the first time ever or simply use the advanced cloud editing video technology to get agency leads yourself.

OTO6: VideoXQ-AI Academy ($197)

Learn how to run a video marketing agency using VideoXQ-AI videos from scratch. This includes 20+ modules of HD video training from the creators of VideoXQ-AI on what’s working now in the agency space.

VideoXQ-AI Bundle Deal ($317)

Plus, there will be a bundle deal for the front-end + all upgrades available for a low price.

VideoXQ AI Review

VideoXQ AI Review: About Creator

Ben Murray, together with his collaborators Ugoo Carson and Vivek Gour, are the brains of VideoXQ-AI. Ben is a well-known innovator, software developer, accidental geek, and direct response internet marketer.

He has regularly put out high-caliber products including Voiclet, AgencyReel, YTSuite, and many others that have won attention and acclaim. We’ll study this cutting-edge programme in this VideoXQ-AI review and learn what makes it special.

VideoXQ AI Review

VideoXQ AI Review: PROs & CONs


  • Let AI develop engaging video scripts for a range of different types of videos.
  • Add whole animated scenes with only one click from a vast library.
  • Layer text, photos, and video clips to customise everything using a drag-and-drop timeline.
  • To customise and sell, pick from pre-made animated explainer movies.
  • Automatically add subtitles to all of your videos
  • As your AI scripts are being read, add lifelike voiceovers.
  • Everything may be customised with animated characters, videos, text, emoticons, and more.
  • Sell superior animated videos than the best studios for any price.
  • Simple animation video creation in a variety of styles.
  • Options for customization to distinguish videos and efficiently deliver messages.
  • a vast asset library and a full suite of media modification tools.
  • offers a brief introduction to the layout, intuitive user interface.
  • A commercial licence makes it possible to launch a prosperous animation agency.
  • Possibility of making a sizable profit from selling expensive animation videos.
  • flexibility in catering to different offline market niches.
  • Lead generation, video production, YouTube optimisation, and other multiple revenue sources.
  • Standard FAQs and illustrative materials are offered as support.
  • Email support that responds quickly for assistance.


  • The timeline’s limited expandability may make it difficult to edit videos comfortably.
  • hidden menus on sometimes, such while manipulating audio.
  • Users with commercial plans are the only ones who can access live chat help.
  • little support options outside of email help and FAQs.
  • Access to the software requires a financial commitment.

Thoughts About the VideoXQ AI Review

I value your time spent reading my review. I hope I gave you enough details to dispel any concerns you might have had about purchasing this outstanding product. In light of that, it is ultimately your decision. Wishing you the best of luck and I’ll see you in my future review!

REMEMBER! You will receive 24/7 assistance if you make your purchase via the My Special link, so you may get in touch with me at any time if you have problems using the product or are unable to reach the product’s creators or backers. I’ll help you right now!

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VideoXQ AI Review
VideoXQ AI Review

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